A healthy workplace creates a healthy business

Do you or your staff suffer from work related pain?

Poorly set up workspaces increase the likelihood of people developing shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain, headaches, or conditions such as OOS, RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Whether you work in a factory, an office, at home or on the road, it can be hard to focus on the job if you are in pain. In addition to affecting productivity, ongoing chronic pain often impacts on other areas of your life and can leave you feeling miserable and unable to perform at your best.

Christchurch-based health and safety consultants SitRight WorkWell can help you develop effective practices to reduce and manage the risk of workplace injury. We have recently expanded our services and can also help you prevent injury with advice on new office layout and equipment purchases. To find out more about these services and how intelligent workplace design really makes a positive difference, visit WorkSpaceIQ.

SitRight WorkWell services include:

  • Identifying and helping you manage causes of injury
  • Education and training about Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) requirements,
    plus ongoing office wellness programmes
  • Providing advice and trial of ergonomically safe office equipment
  • Conducting workplace assessments and audits to ensure that your business complies with the Health and Safety in Employment Act (2002)
  • Providing injury prevention and ergonomic advice for home-based offices, laptop and other computer users

In a world where computers are an everyday part of work and business life, it’s essential that people know how to use them safely. It’s important that everyone is set up and working correctly at their workstation.

View this video for some tips on checking that your workstation is set up correctly.

Our holistic approach

Where required we work closely with other allied health professionals including massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists to get the best result for the end user – no pain in the workplace and the ability to get on and enjoy a balanced life.

At SitRight WorkWell our focus is to help take care of you and your staff, so you can get on with taking care of business.

Contact us via email or call Jane Cowan-Harris on 03 326 5450 to find out how we can help you create a healthy workplace.

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    • What people say about us

      Jane provided me with straightforward advice on my workstation and desk set-up. Her approach was practical and easy to implement. I was staggered to find that a few adjustments to my workstation quickly resulted in relief from existing shoulder and wrist pain.

      R. – Environmental Consultant

    • Working on the move?

      Do you spend time on the move? At a hot desk. On your mobile phone?
      If the answer to any of those is ‘often’, then the probability of you feeling neck pain or shoulder pain is high.

      Contact us to assess if your mobile and equipment usage outside of the normal workplace is affecting your health.

    • Employers

      While it’s relatively easy to identify and manage obvious workplace hazards, (like chemicals or industrial machinery) it can be easy to ignore or overlook day-to-day niggles or discomfort related to everyday tasks or the general workspace environment. Find out more about your obligations.