Keeping healthy in the workplace

Our philosophy

At SitRight WorkWell we are passionate about keeping people healthy and preventing injury in the workplace.

Jane Cowan-Harris, Ergonomic Consultant, SitRight WorkWell, Christchurch

Jane Cowan-Harris
SitRight WorkWell

Established in 2004 by registered occupational therapist Jane Cowan-Harris, SitRight WorkWell is a Christchurch-based health and safety consultancy which helps to prevent or manage pain and discomfort in the workplace. We believe that educating people about safe work practices that help avoid, minimise or manage potential injuries and risks at work, is a proactive way for all employers to make their workplaces a healthy place to be and where people will want to work.

We work with businesses and organisations throughout the Canterbury region, but are available to travel anywhere in New Zealand if required.

About Jane Cowan-Harris

With over 30 years experience working in a variety of physical health settings, including hospitals, community practices and private medical practices, Jane has specialised in injury prevention and pain management in a range of industrial and office-based work settings since 1995.

She has a particular interest in workplace posture and seating since these have a huge impact on whether pain develops or not. In addition she recognises that how people organise themselves in their workplace and use their time at work, plays an important part in safe work practices.

Jane has identified that human nature sees us ignore discomfort in the workplace until it becomes a real problem – after all, who has time these days to worry about a little niggling pain? She passionately believes that educating people in safe work practices so that they can take responsibility for their own health is a much more proactive approach and one which SitRight WorkWell is committed to helping people achieve.

Her extensive experience means she is able to work with people in a wide range of industries and vocations including, but not limited to, office workers, factory staff, government organisations, freelance writers, jewellers and laboratory technicians.

Jane enjoys working with other health professionals such as massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists, to get the best result for the end user – no pain in the workplace and the ability to get on and enjoy a balanced life.

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    • Working on the move?

      Do you spend time on the move? At a hot desk. On your mobile phone?
      If the answer to any of those is ‘often’, then the probability of you feeling neck pain or shoulder pain is high.

      Contact us to assess if your mobile and equipment usage outside of the normal workplace is affecting your health.

    • What people say about us

      Jane provided me with straightforward advice on my workstation and desk set-up. Her approach was practical and easy to implement. I was staggered to find that a few adjustments to my workstation quickly resulted in relief from existing shoulder and wrist pain.

      R. – Environmental Consultant

    • Employers

      While it’s relatively easy to identify and manage obvious workplace hazards, (like chemicals or industrial machinery) it can be easy to ignore or overlook day-to-day niggles or discomfort related to everyday tasks or the general workspace environment. Find out more about your obligations.