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Employers… how healthy is your workplace culture?

Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act (2002) you are legally responsible for ensuring that your employees are working in as safe an environment as possible, this includes anyone who is working remotely – on the road, out in the field or working from home.

Create a healthy work environment

As an employer, your employees are possibly your most valuable asset, so it makes sense to take care of people and create a place where they want to work.

Areas that SitRight WorkWell can help you with include:

  • Workplace assessments and audits
  • Workplace assessments for staff who are in pain or suffer discomfort in the workplace
  • Workplace audits for occupational safety and health compliance, including audits for remote workers or employees who spend time on the road
  • Assessment of lighting and advice on eliminating problems
  • Practical assistance to ensure that your workstations and work spaces are set up correctly at a safe ergonomic level
  • Induction and staff training programmes
  • Induction of new staff to ensure they know how to avoid getting workplace injuries. Training is practical and involves staff. A follow up audit helps in applying the knowledge learnt.
  • Education sessions for all staff to ensure they are trained in safe work practices and reminded on a regular basis about keeping themselves safe
  • Occupational health and safety training sessions for management staff and supervisors in new staff induction
  • Ongoing staff training to manage occupational overuse issues
  • Help with selection and set up of office furniture and equipment
  • Advice on choosing the most appropriate office equipment for individuals in relation to their roles, ensuring it meets OSH Code of Practice standards
  • Assistance in selection of office furniture and equipment to ensure that the most appropriate equipment is purchased at a price which fits your budget
  • Advice on new office set up, including lighting, desk positions and furniture purchase

Do you have staff who work from home? Book a workplace assessment via Skype.

Even though SitRight WorkWell work throughout New Zealand, sometimes it’s simply impractical for us to come in and conduct an onsite workstation assessment.

To ensure that everyone is covered, we offer Skype consultations and can help with workstation set up virtually anywhere.  All that’s needed for us to set someone up correctly is internet access, an appointment and someone else on hand to help move the camera around.

A Skype assessment  is a handy way to ensure that people outside the wider Christchurch region can be well set up wherever they work.  To organise an online consultation, simply email us and we’ll be in touch to make an appointment at a time that’s suitable for you.

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    • Working on the move?

      Do you spend time on the move? At a hot desk. On your mobile phone?
      If the answer to any of those is ‘often’, then the probability of you feeling neck pain or shoulder pain is high.

      Contact us to assess if your mobile and equipment usage outside of the normal workplace is affecting your health.

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      While it’s relatively easy to identify and manage obvious workplace hazards, (like chemicals or industrial machinery) it can be easy to ignore or overlook day-to-day niggles or discomfort related to everyday tasks or the general workspace environment. Find out more about your obligations.


    • What people say about us

      Jane provided me with straightforward advice on my workstation and desk set-up. Her approach was practical and easy to implement. I was staggered to find that a few adjustments to my workstation quickly resulted in relief from existing shoulder and wrist pain.

      R. – Environmental Consultant